Solid Company Settings App Documentation

Give your customers the ability to easily update their company info

Admin users can easily update their company information and have those changes instantly reflected on the website

Available Fields

  • Company Name
  • Slogan
  • Logo
  • Phone
  • Fax
  • Email
  • Address


  • Developer to use the proper tags throughout the website
  • Liquid markup enabled on website

Developer Notes

Tag to Enable App on Website

Place in the head of the template

Standard: {%include "/_System/apps/solid-company-settings/_data/company.html"%}
Rich-Snippets: {%include "/_System/apps/solid-company-settings/_data/company-rich.html"%}

Both tags will make all the company data tags avaiable, the difference is in the output:

  • Standard tag: No output
  • Rich Snippet tag: Will output all the company information in Microdata markup using meta tags (no information will be displayed to the user)

Outputting company data is simple

Company Data Tags

Company Data Tags can be used within
  • Templates
  • Pages
  • Files referenced through Includes (see below)
Use Company Data Tags inside Content Holders

The best way to use these tags inside content holders is to replace your content holders with TPL files and then reference these files using the Liquid Include tags.


USE: {%include "/_System/Includes/_Template - Header.tpl"%}
NOT: {module_contentholder, name="_Template - Header"}

If you want to the company tags this inside content holders you will need to place the main include file in the content holder as liquid variables do not get passed in and our of content holders